We supply retail bags to Toronto businesses every day.


EJ Bags in Toronto has been in the printed bags, retail bags and industrial bags business in Ontario for over thirty years. We are a Canadian bag company that has been providing businesses in Toronto and the surrounding areas with exceptional customer service and bag products since 1980. EJ Bags. is a favorite distributor of many bag products in Canada for a number of reasons:

1. We offer immediate delivery of Polyethylene bags in Canada.

2. We carry large stocks of clear poly bags in literally hundreds of sizes and thicknesses that are available for immediate delivery.

3. We have a wide range of poly bag sizes that range from our smallest 2”x2” bag to our largest of 8ftx8ft.

4. All of our products are Canadian made (excluding the bag sealers).

Unlike most other Toronto bag companies that require you to order a minimum of 1000 bags, EJ Bag’s minimum order requirement on most of our products is 100 bags. This makes us the number one choice for any sized business with any sized order. Smaller businesses love our minimum order requirement, because they can order exactly what they need instead of having a massive surplus. Larger businesses love our amazing selection of bags that can fit any need that they have.

We are one of the only retail bags suppliers in Ontario that carries all of our stock all of the time so that makes us one of the only industrial bags suppliers in Canada that offers same day delivery. You will be hard-pressed to find another retail bags company in the Toronto area that can offer you the same great deals, reliable products and awesome customer service that EJ Bags offers every day, every sale.



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