Our company has some of the best feed bags and seed bags in Canada

canada feed seed bags torontoEJ Bags of Toronto is a trusted name in the plastic bags industry in Canada. We offer feed bags and seed bags at the best rates in Ontario, Canada. We offer a broad range of sizes and gauges of poly bags suitable for animal feed and various other types of seeds. We stock a heavy gauge clear poly bag with a die cut handle in four sizes for your convenience. These types of feed bags and seed bags are filled from the bottom and sealed providing a handy carry handle.

Samples are available upon request.

We have been providing the people of Toronto and the surrounding areas with feed bags and seed bags for over thirty years. We have been doing business this long because we have the highest quality plastic bag products in Canada available for our customers. We are a feed bags supplier in the Toronto area that supplies plastic bags to countless clients all over North America and our customers keep coming back to us again and again, because they know that our name represents quality and honesty.


SIZE GAUGE 100 QTY Price per box on 1-4 Price per box on 5+ BOX SIZE
12X15+3″ 4MIL $39.00 $104.40 $93.95 500/BOX
12X17.5+3″ 4MIL $41.00 $107.30 $96.45 500/BOX
12X21.5+3″ 4MIL $43.00 $64.30 $57.90 250/BOX
12X24+3″ 4MIL $45.00 $70.90 $63.70 250/BOX


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