We offer the highest quality leak-proof poly bags

canada fish bags supplier torontoEJ BagsĀ  of Toronto has great deals on leak-proof poly bags for our customers. They are great for aquarium fish sales and bait shops. Countless sports fishermen, fish sellers, bait shops and aquarium and pet stores all utilize our leak proof poly fish bags. Toronto area pet stores and pet stores all over Ontario have been using our poly fish bags for over thirty years, because they know that they are made with an EVA additive that gives our leak-proof fish bags that extra bit of strength that prevents them from bursting or leaking. They are excellent bags for selling and transporting all sorts of fish for aquariums.

Our leak-proof poly fish bags are great for bait and tackle shops

We get repeat business from bait and tackle shops because the owners know the quality of our leak-proof poly bags. Our leak-proof fish bags are constructed from a clear tubing that is highly resistant to leaking and bursting. They are bottom sealed so they are perfectly suited for transporting fish and other aquatic animals.

SIZE 100 QTY 1000 QTY Price per 1000 on 5000 bags. Price per 1000 on 10,000 bags.
8X18 $17.00 $83.90 $76.30 $71.70
10X20 $23.50 $121.30 $116.90 $112.40
12X20 $19.00 $102.50 $91.90 $83.90
14X32 $35.00 $93.60/500 $84.60/500 $76.90/500
26X40 $48.00 $108.90/250 $99.90/250 $93.90/250
25 QTY 250 QTY 1000 QTY
16X56 $32.90/25 $29.60/25 $25.90/25 N/A
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