Soil and gravel bags are in our Toronto inventory

soil and gravel bagsEJ Bag supplies reliable soil and gravel bags in Canada and the US. 
For all soil and gravel bags needs, EJ Bags and Boxes of Toronto has you covered. We offer some of the most resilient plastic bags in Canada. They are sometimes referred to as poly bags or polyethylene bags, but most people simply call them plastic bags.

EJ Bags in Toronto has a huge variety of plastic bags in our Toronto location. Our Toronto bags company has been in business for over thirty years and we have built our reputation and company on unbeatable customer service and superior plastic bags products. We offer some of the best prices on soil bags in Canada and gravel bags in Canada.

Plastic bags are used for a wide variety of applications. They are commonly used for food storage, industrial products, garbage bags, vehicle and machinery covers and countless other uses. We have the best heavy gauge clear polyethylene bags in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Our gravel bags include a UV inhibitor that helps to provide more durability during the summer months. This UV inhibitor will make our plastic bags last longer than the standard bags that many of our competitors sell as “tough” polyethylene bags.

SIZE MIL/GUAGE BOX SIZE Price per box on  1-4 Price per box on 6-10
17X28 CLEAR 5MIL 150 $103.90 $98.60
17X28 BLACK 5MIL 150 $111.20 $103.40
17X28 CLEAR 6MIL 150 $113.60 $108.90
20X30 CLEAR 6MIL 150 $139.60 $125.70
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